Our Mine Tours Are All Sold Out For 2019.
We Will Resume Them In The Spring Of 2020!

Otteson Brothers Turquoise Mine Tours

An experience of a lifetime awaits you in the expansive Nevada Desert! Here’s your opportunity to tour and dig some of the most beautiful Turquoise in the world from our mines. Our family operated Royston tours are a tradition of fun, family tours. With over 2 1/2 hours of onsite mining, you’ll be sure to find plenty of Turquoise to keep – followed by some time in our Turquoise cutting shop where you can have the best piece of Turquoise you found cut for free!

Fast Facts

Tours are held Monday Through Saturday – April through October (excluding holidays)

• Half Day: $150 per person (8:00am-1:00pm) – or $250 per couple – Kids dig free. (Morning or Afternoon)

• All Day: $300 per person (8:00am – 5:30pm) or $500 per couple – Kids dig free. (Morning Departure)

• Special private and group tours are available by appointment only with 2 weeks advance notice.

• Digging is limited to 1 bag/bucket per adult to insure there’s enough for everyone.

Tour Schedule

Morning Tours

8:00am - Meet up & headcount with your tour guide

8:30am – Travel to Royston together in line

9:00am – Safety meeting and digging starts

11:00am – Travel to the cutting shop

12:30pm – Wrap up

Afternoon Tours

1:00pm – Meet up & head count with your tour guide

1:30pm – Travel to Royston together in line

2:00pm – Safety meeting and digging starts

4:00pm – Travel to the cutting shop

5:30pm – Wrap up

All Mine Tours Depart From Giggles Gas Station Tonopah, NV

We will line up at the back of the station. Please arrive promptly at 8:00am for morning tours and 1:00pm for our afternoon tours to make your payment, fill out some paperwork, and receive a brief overview of today’s tour. (Make your reservation below.)


There is no shade (other than what our equipment creates) at any of our mines. You will need to bring sunscreen, an umbrella (if you need to get into the shade), a sturdy pair of shoes (ie: tennis shoes, hiking boots, etc.) The weather can change very fast in Nevada, so be prepared with appropriate clothing from t-shirts, shorts, long shirts, pants and hats to warmer layers like windbreakers, rain gear and sweatshirts.

Food & Water

You will need to bring water and snacks with you to the mine.


Bring the tools you want to use to dig with. (ie: rock hammers and hand cultivators) are very useful to dig through the tailings.


You will be following us out to the mine in your own vehicle. Transportation to the mine is limited. Let us know if you need a ride ahead of time.

As A Visitor To Our Mines

You may see the Otteson’s actively mining on tour while you dig through thousands of pounds of tailings to find all the turquoise we missed while we were chasing large veins. For your own safety, you will not be allowed into the active mines.


Mining is a dangerous business, and the rocks can be very sharp.
Please keep this in mind – especially if you bring your kids.

Need a hotel while you’re in Tonopah? Click here!

Contact Carrie Otteson at 775-482-4592 for Private & Group Tours.


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