Danny Otteson

2nd Generation Turquoise Miner

Father: Lynn Otteson

My earliest memories of being at the turquoise mine, was it was like my second home. I specialize in running all heavy equipment, explosives and following the lead of turquoise (even when others doubt me) and prospecting for new mines. I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping and mining turquoise. My “work” is something I love to do.

Besides mining, I’ve worked as a cowboy on cattle ranches here in Nevada, riding (mostly bulls) in high school rodeos and continued to ride amateur after. I currently arm wrestle – mostly on an amateur level.

The most important thing my dad ever taught me about mining is how to follow where the Turquoise goes through the faults and how to recognize Turquoise formations.

Married to Carrie Otteson, we have four children: Acacia Hathaway, Lane, Tristan and Kendelle – and 5 grandchildren:  Ella, twins Mikael and Nikolai, Johnathen & Flynt.

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Lane Otteson

3rd Generation Turquoise Miner

Father: Danny Otteson

Just as soon as I could walk, my dad started taking me to the mines. He was so excited to have a son to share his love of mining with. I am an expert at following Variscite leads, operating excavators, cutting cabochons and I’m also a silversmith. I also love digging for antique bottles, prospecting, fishing, hunting and working with horses – and very few people know that I love to draw - in fact I’m quite good at it.

My dad passed down all the wisdom he’s learned from my Grandpa Lynn about how to follow where the Turquoise goes through the faults and recognize Turquoise formations. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally learned not to forget the buckets when headed to the mine.

I am a very proud father to my son Johnathen.

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Tristan Otteson

3rd Generation Turquoise Miner

Father: Danny Otteson

I’ve been around mining with my older brother ever since we could walk. My specialties include finding hard to see turquoise, swinging a sledgehammer, and optimism. Hobbies include arm wrestling, hunting, and prospecting. Fun fact - I was a youth arm wrestling national champion at 18 years old.

The most important thing my dad has ever taught me about mining turquoise is to trust yourself to mine to the best of your ability and knowledge, and to never assume somebody has already dug up all of the turquoise or found it all.

Married to Annie Otteson, we are proud parents to one son, Flynt River Otteson.

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Tommy Otteson

2nd Generation Turquoise Miner

Father: Lynn Otteson

I’ve been around mining since I was about 4 years old when we moved to  Nevada. I do about everything that’s needed in the business, from running heavy equipment, blasting, cutting Turquoise, selling to fixing whatever breaks – which happens more frequently than you’d imagine.

One of the things most people don’t know about me is that I’ve had secret government clearance twice. In my spare time, I enjoy hunting, camping and prospecting.

Married to Stephanie Otteson, our children – from the oldest to youngest are – Tandi Romprey, Tony, Trenton, Tawni Petropoulous, Tyrel, Jessica Blackburn, Shaunna Ladner, Bretton, Jaceton, and Dallyn. And, if that’s not enough – we also have 28 grandkids.



Bretton Otteson

3rd Generation Turquoise Miner

Father: Tommy Otteson

I’ve been mining since I was 12, but I’ve learned a lot about Turquoise just from listening and following my Dad around since I was little. Besides mining, I also cut and polish Turquoise. I’m also pretty skilled at welding, so when our equipment breaks I can step in and help with repairs.

When I’m not in the mines, I enjoy woodworking, hunting, outdoors and being an Uncle.

One of the best things Dad taught me is to never sell myself short and to trust in my own talents.

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Chief Mine Boss

Parents: Danny & Carrie Otteson

The first time I went mining was when I was 6 months old - which means I have over 40 years of mining experience – in dog years. I specialize in riding in the cab of the equipment Dad runs – and his truck – which requires masterful balance to stand up when he’s 4-wheeling to the mines. Plus, when you’re a smart as I am, finding a shadow to sleep in no matter how small is of utmost importance.

I WILL NOT be left behind at home, and I make this perfectly clear to Dad by barking EXTREMELY loudly every time he goes in and out of the door so he doesn’t forget to take me to the mine with him in the morning – after all he would be absolutely lost without my advanced mining and rabbit chasing skills.

The most import thing Dad ever taught me about mining is to make a run for the truck as soon as I hear any equipment start up – which is pretty cool, cause it’s usually shady under the truck – and I can catch another snooze. He’s also tried to teach me to lick Turquoise so he can see how pretty it is - but nope, not for me - yuck!



French Fry

2nd In Command To Sancho - (Still learning the ropes)

PARENTS: Danny & Carrie Otteson

I’ve been mining with my Dad for a year now (Sancho says it’s 7 years, but whatever – don’t listen to him). Since I’m a little new to this industry, I decided to specialize in snoozing beside Sancho in whatever shade I can find, especially since he tends to hog it all. I also keep a close eye on Dad – and if I can’t see him – I have no problem with WHINING rather loudly until he comes to find me. (Problem solved).

I’m an expert in staying under Dad’s feet every morning to insure that I go everywhere that Sancho does, and I’m also an expert rabbit chaser – much better than Sancho – despite what he thinks.

The most important thing Dad has ever taught me about mining is to watch out for those pesky cactus, because “ouch” they really hurt my paws. He’s also been trying to teach me to lick Turquoise – but gross – If Sancho doesn’t do it, then why should I?